New England HALT Labs, Inc.

Since 1995 New England HALT Labs has been operating in Eastern MA as the Qualmark Accelerated Reliability Test Center, with a focus in HALT/HASS methodologies. Qualmark launched its New England based HALT lab in Marlboro MA, but rapidly grew out of its Marlboro location. In 1998 Qualmark moved the test center to its current location at 98 South Street in Hopkinton MA. Acquired from Qualmark in June 2011, New England HALT Labs continues to provide the most comprehensive and highest quality HALT testing our clients have come to expect. New England HALT Labs operates as a Qualmark Authorized Partner Lab, adhering to the widely recognized Qualmark standards of excellence.

New England HALT Labs provides HALT and HASS services exclusively on Qualmark Typhoon Series chambers, the Qualmark Typhoon 2.0 (24” x 24” table), the Qualmark Typhoon 3.0 (36” x 36” table) and Typhoon 4.0 (48” x 48” table). We can accommodate products up to 500 lbs. The latest Qualmark XLF-2 table technology is installed in all chambers providing the best repetitive shock vibration technology available on the market. Qualmark’s proven HALT & HASS processes and guidelines are strictly followed.

New England HALT Labs continues to be the leading HALT/HASS testing facility in New England. With total HALT test numbers approaching a thousand over the past two decades, New England HALT Labs has the expertise to guide you every step of the way.

  1. Pre-test consultation
  2. Test plan development
  3. Fixture design
  4. Test execution
  5. Failure reporting
  6. Failure Analysis (outside the company)